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Draconic K530 RGB White Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Switch)

Rs. 4,699 Rs. 5,990

  • Hot-Swappable Brown Switches - Tactile brown switches provide a soft bump, but no click, unlike blue switches for quiet use. Hot-swappable with other Redragon switches. Made to last with switches rated for 50 million keypresses.
  • First ...

  • Hot-Swappable Brown Switches - Tactile brown switches provide a soft bump, but no click, unlike blue switches for quiet use. Hot-swappable with other Redragon switches. Made to last with switches rated for 50 million keypresses.
  • First Redragon 60% Keyboard - Ultra minimalistic tenkeyless (TKL) design with 61 keys portable layout frees up table space for mouse movement, which offers the purest performance for FPS pro (11.5*3.9*1.4 in).
  • Wireless Made Easy - Enjoy the freedom of wirelessness with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and 3000mAh long-lasting battery capacity. Reliable and fast connects hassle-free with devices such as laptops, tablets, and even phones that support Bluetooth.
  • Dual Mode Switch - Easily switch between wireless and wired modes with the mode switch on the side. Included USB-C cable gives you the option to go wired for competitive games.
  • RGB Illumination Builder - 13 Dynamic presets available onboard. Millions of color options and effects make you the designer of your ultimate gear with a pro driver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It is totally worth it

I have to work with 2 laptops for my office and personal use simultaneously at times. It used to be a little cumbersome to keep switching hand positions between the 2. Hence I had to buy an external keyboard for it. I was looking for a Bluetooth keyboard with a reasonable price. After searching for a good few weeks, I narrowed it down to this one. Draconic is compatible with 3 devices via BT which is what I was looking for .. PLUS it has RGB (backlight) and mechanical. Other options had some or the other issues (from other manufacturers). I bought it in the preorder and hoped for the best.

When I got the keyboard, it was nicely packed. I still hate that they used Delhivery as a partner via shiprocket, but I guess it is what it is. Luckily I got the delivery in 3 days and it was alright. The internal packaging was very well done to keep the product safe.. Points here to the company for going beyond and not cheaping out. They also provided 4 extra brown switches that are in addition to the ones already in the keyboard. I guess they knew how bad I was at breaking things XD
It is very well built too. Heavier than I expected.

Apart from the 4 replacement switches, they had a l shaped type C cable and manuals. The keyboard has a brown switch. This is my first mechanical, so I am not sure how good or bad these are, but damn it is a treat to type on this thing. The noise is not that loud which is a good aspect. The lights are bright and the magic button, FN keys are easy to get a hang of.

*Whoever said in the reviews that the keyboard needs a Bluetooth dongle to work, is completely wrong. This keyboard does not need any dongles. I hope the company removes that review as it is incorrect. *

Finally, I have played HZD, Genshin and some casual games like Ori with it. There is a very very very slight lag when you go Bluetooth, but zero when you are plugged in. So it is good for gaming too. At least now I know I won't break my new laptop T_T

I'll give the keyboard a 9/10.
(Deducting 1 point as the keyboard risers on the back to elevate it are not big enough. I wish they had a little more tilt to it. But that is just my personal view)

Anuj Thakur
Best Wireless keyboard at this range

I am amazed by the quality and the usability, i was skeptical at first because at this price its hard to get a decent mechanical wireless keyboard, been using is for some weeks and I am satisfied with it up until now. I'll share more if something happens

Review continued

Comma is the primary one and is supposed to be under and the secondary is supposed to be upper, but they are given side by side.
In all the reviews I saw on youtube, the extra keys provided were one each from blue, red black etc. Really wanted to try them, Disappointed to find all 4 brown.
The larger keys (enter and shift) feel stiffer than the other keys.
There are few hiccups in the paint job, nothing significant though.
I find myself helplessly reaching for arrow keys, though they can be done using Fn and WASD, but it is a switch of hand. Would have preferred Fn on left and arrow keys on right.
The finish on the bottom of keys could have been better. Prominent injection mold overhangs on shift.
The RGB brightness isnt much but is expected with wireless, however the brightness does increase while plugged in.
I have smaller hands, the increased thickness makes typing a bit of pain. Likely will need a wrist pad or something.
The software is pretty basic, would have liked more explanation about Macro, Fn2 and G keys. The pdf did have some guidelines, couldn't figure it out.

Overall, it is a nice looking, compact and decent keyboard and have decided to give it a try. Certainly the only one in its price range from a reputable brand. Thanks redragon for budget friendly and quality products! Wish you guys can bring a white wireless mouse soon, something on the lines of Logitech's G304/305.

Irtiza Mir

Was looking for it recently, however it was out of stock. Ordered as soon as it was available. Got it today, Here are my two cents:

Well built, stabilizers feel good. So do the keys, for the most part.
Connection was seamless. No issues as such.
Came with 80% battery, after an hour of usage, sits at 76% with rgb mostly off..
Package is neat. Sufficient rgb themes.

A bit on the thicker side, maybe will get used to, have to see.
The characters are printed on the top portion of the keys, not a fan of it. Whiile typing the offset location is confusing. Centered would have been great.
Same for the keys with special characters, like ,

Saksham Pathak
The best keyboard at this price. But...

The only bad thing is you need a bluetooth dongle to connect it to your pc wirelessly

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