Redragon M711 Cobra Budget Gaming Mouse


Written by Alekacev This post is taken from Computer's Knowledge


DPI: Up top 10,000
Sensor type: Optical (PMW 3325)
Polling rate: Up to 1000Hz
Full RGB (7 modes to choose from)
7 programmable buttons

Design & Features:

This mouse has a very classic ergonomic design that we’ve all seen on different more popular mice. It features 7 programmable buttons out of 9, full RGB and a software to control the RGB and to control the Macros.

That 1000Hz polling rate is a really nice feature to get for a mouse that is this cheap, so you should definitely switch to 1000Hz when you get this mouse to get that 1ms response time.

The pixart PMW 3325 is a great optical sensor that we’ve seen on many other popular mice let’s say from corsair and this sensor has proven us that it is more than capable for gaming even in the most intense situations.

The buttons on the mouse are okay-ish. They’re not great to be honest, but they are definitely better than every button you get on a Rs.1500 mouse that is probably 10 times worse than the M711 cobra. So i’ll give this a pass.

Surprisingly the RGB looks AMAZING! I don’t know how they Redragon made this good of an RGB animation on a Rs.1500 mouse, but hey i’m not complaining. It just looks like what RGB is supposed to look like.


The M711 has a braided cable, about 1.8m long which is perfect in my opinion. If you don’t want to use a mouse bungee this cable will do just fine, you don’t have to worry about it.

The size of the mouse is about 8.5 or 9 inches which makes it great for small or big hands. It is pretty comfortable to use, you could say it’s a light mouse considering it’s price tag. Basically you shouldn’t have problems using this mouse if you’re not that picky of a person.

This mouse should last you for a long time (if you are not throwing it across your room), you can comfortably use it without any worrying of your mouse dying any time soon.

Final Verdict:

So, yes this mouse is definitely worth it. At just Rs.1480 customers get what they need for such a low price. This budget friendly mouse is great for gaming, productivity etc…

I definitely recommend this mouse, it fits every budget, it offers a very good gaming experience, it looks beautiful, it doesn’t have that aggressive gamer look which can bother a lot of people, and the RGB is stunningly good.