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Average Keyboard

Overall keyboard is good but the space and shift keys are little sticky not working as mechanical.

poor quality

i found the quality isn't worth it. and the customer service is also very bad they reply every message after one day. i have to wait a whole day to get a reply from customer service in whatsaap.

CASTOR K631 PRO Decent keyboard with mimor issue

Bought this through Amazon, this doesn't have any software support to customize the keys but at this price point, it has good connectivity and good battery life and keyboard looks stunning rather than on the screen/website. Did not approach support team yet, but facing issue when a key is pressed it automatically get pressed n. no.of times and we need to change the modes to get it off. But how ever after researching a lot came to know that it is because of pre-lube applied for the keys. It has to be maintained as there is a spring and other parts. As spare switches are not available at the moment on Redragon website, so ordered from other site and will update the review after using them. Wide range of switches are not yet available on Amazon.

Not that good just okay

Its not upto the mark. Below my expectations. Mic is also just okay kind of. Overall not impressed

best budget mechanical keyboard

I think this is the best 60% mechanical keyboard for the price because it is swappable, white, and had premium quality, go for it...

Best budget mouse for big hands

My first gaming mouse was a redragon and I was extremely pleased from its performance (it was an upgrade from my 6yr old office mouse). Then I wanted a wireless mouse but all others wireless mice under 3000 were very small. But this right here I got for Rs.2080 (I got Rs110 discount).

It perfectly fits in my big hands,
the button feels nice (though it is kind of a fingerprint magnet).
it has proper grips on the side and they work!!! (I had to put grip tapes on my previous mouse but not on this one).
oH and the best part? This has 1000hz polling rate.

A bit on the heavier side
Battery is not impressive
RGB on right side feels brighter than left side


The Wholesome Review...

Its a superb keyboard well built and goes clickity clak when you type. If you are on wireless mode, the backlight switches off at 30% battery to save battery. The battery lasts for 29 hours if you are on wireless mode. I felt that the Macro keys were a little useless for me, but each to their own, some might find it useful. In all, I got what I wanted and am happy with it...

can be connect the keyboard using bluetooth to computer.

can be connect the keyboard using bluetooth to computer.

product not delivered after 14 days

I've purchased this product at 9th April. it's been 14 days still not received the product. I haven't got the chance get to know the product quality yet. Redragon normally sells good quality products. I've purchased a mouse a year ago still working fine and keys are good as new.


I received keyboard with cable, extra switches, key and switch puller and even Redragon stickers. So, it did not really feel like an unboxed product. Felt like new. Only the space bar is a little tilt which is hardly noticeable, and it does not really bother me because I got it for a great price, just a little over 2K.

Best in budget.

Best 60% hot-swappable keyboard with red switch in price.

Excellent product

I recently purchased the Red Dragon Keyboard and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed! This keyboard has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and aesthetics.Firstly, the build quality of the Red Dragon Keyboard is top-notch. It feels sturdy and well-constructed, with a sleek and stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to my desk setup. The RGB lighting is a standout feature, allowing me to customize the color and effects to match my mood or gaming setup. The keys are responsive and have a satisfying tactile feedback, making typing a pleasure and gaming experience smooth and precise.




Absolutely worth every โ‚น

I love them

Amazing I wish i can have them


quility of product is owsome

Great Keyboard

This is 1st my mechanical keyboard purchase and I'm amazed with it.
Feels great and comfortable while typing these Red Switches keys.๐Ÿ˜
I like the RGB light selection feature for selecting a single color.
Only thing is removing a key cap is somewhat hectic with the remover tool and the keys are getting scratches.
Remaining Everything is great. Worth the price.
Go for it.

Very compact and punches above it's weight

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. The keyboard is very compact and low profile keys are smooth to press on. Red switches work perfectly and make less noise but still give you the mechanical feeling.
Lots of RGB lights modes, so those who are looking for lighting, it will surely look like Diwali!
I personally like that we can change the speed and light intensity.
I have been using the BT mode more often and it works fine. Connects very quickly.
Only thing i noticed it that when the keyboard goes to sleep, it keeps last key pressed. That is bug i want to Redragon to address.

Yet to see the after sales support. As low profile keys will be a little difficult to get in the market so solely dependent on Redragon.

Great keyboard with excellent feature set!


The RGB is bright and the included RGB modes are plenty.
Even with RGB off in good lighting conditions, the black legends on white keycaps appear good.
The layout is perfect for my needs.
Connectivity options are brilliant especially at this price point!
The included red switches are smooth - a bit too smooth for my taste actually.

The keyboard features swappable switches and I'd like to try blue/brown switches in this form factor but unfortunately there are no low profile key-switches available in the first place.