Redragon Unveils FIZZ PRO K616 By T3INDIA


Redragon launches FIZZ PRO K616 Keyboard. This keyboard is 60% the size of a conventional keyboard, can work with three connectivity modes, and boasts hot-swappable mechanical soft keys dedicated to FPS gamers.

 The Redragon FIZZ PRO K616 is built rugged to help you unleash your skills in the virtual arena. This 61-key gaming peripheral keeps enough room for mouse travel. While your right hand is scrubbing the mouse around, your left hand can work in tandem to smoothly glide over the soft key travel with HUANO’s super-quiet linear Red mechanical switches.

The FIZZ PRO K616 adds some rich RGB lights with 20 preset modes and complete control over the brightness and flow speeds. Professional graphic designers and gamers can take complete advantage of its built-in macros and key-binding shortcuts for more efficient work and play. The Redragon FIZZ PRO K616 features multiple modes of connectivity — Bluetooth and RF 2.4GHz so you can instantly switch between the rig of your choice within seconds. To take complete control without any lag in input, or when you run out of charge to operate the keyboard wirelessly, you can also switch to wired mode using the USB-C port. The wired option also helps recharge the internal batteries so you can continue work and play, non-stop.

The Redragon FIZZ PRO K616 Mechanical 3-Mode (BT/RF/USB-C) 60% Gaming RGB Keyboard is available in two colour options (Black and White-Grey) for an MRP of Rs 3,990 on, &