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Redragon announces the most versatile and highly ergonomic mechanical keyboard Castor K631 Pro. Crafted with premium looks, designed for a smooth typing experience, and intended for multi-device connectivity, the RGB keyboard features mechanical keys from Outemo in a 68-key form factor for higher portability.

Sporting a jaw-dropping design and premium looks with RGB backlighting that can spice up almost any desk, the Reddragon Castor K631 Pro is a keyboard that completely stands out from the crowd. It boasts Red (Linear) switches from Outemu that are extremely soft, smooth, and super silent and also help circumvent finger strains by a huge margin. This 68-key keyboard is designed with a smaller footprint that’s 65% the size (or 35% smaller than) of conventional desktop keyboards, making it extremely convenient with lots of room for the mouse movement on your desk, and also highly portable (473g) to carry along almost anywhere —a perfect accessory for the FPS gamer.

The Redragon Castor K631 Pro RGB Mechanical BT + Wireless + Wired Keyboard is designed to be extremely user-friendly too —   98%+ keys are truly hot-swappable — thanks to the unique exclusive structure design of the socket which makes the switch mounting easier and less wobbling. And that’s not all, almost all switch types in the market — no matter 3-pin or 5-pin — can be easily installed without the need for any soldering iron.

A portable keyboard should be as versatile as can be, and hence Redragon has equipped the Castor K631 Pro with 3 types of connectivity options to suit your needs. Get freedom from wires completely using the wireless mode that can connect to your laptop or PC using a tiny 2.4GHz USB receiver. Want to use it with your smartphone or tablet? No issues — there’s Bluetooth (v3.0/v5.0) here too that allows pairing with every Bluetooth-enabled gadget out there. And when you want to head straight to the arena, go wired for a complete zero-lag experience. The keyboard sports a USB-C port that connects to every modern phone, tablet, or laptop, and simultaneously charges the built-in batteries too. And if your laptop or desktop doesn’t have the now-standard USB-C port, the Castor already features a USB-C to USB-A 2-in-1 cable.

And lastly, adding style to an already existing class is the programmable RGB which is software controlled and can also be programmed according to your choice of mood. Choose from the built-in 20 preset backlighting modes or mod some for yourself — even sync it with your music for a discotheque vibe on your desk. The software can also be programmed with macros with different key bindings, or shortcuts for more efficient work and gaming.

The Redragon Castor K631 Pro RGB Mechanical BT + Wireless + Wired Keyboard will be available at MRP of Rs 5,990 on Redragon.in and Amazon from first week of Oct.