Redragon Brings Draconic K530 Pro RGB Gaming Keyboard for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Published on Telecomtoday

Unleash your true skills with complete control over your game. Redragon announces yet another versatile and extremely ergonomic mechanical keyboard — the Draconic K530 Pro. Designed to be the perfect personal gaming peripheral the K530 is enormously compact (40% smaller) and highly portable, with superior ergonomics and multi-device pairing. Complete with a premium build, RGB lights, and fully hot-swappable mechanical keys, this 61-key qwerty will change the way you work and play ahead.

Designed for the extreme gamer, the REDRAGON Draconic K530 Pro is all about excellence and performance. Extremely tactile and fully 99.8%+ hot-swappable Brown keys will transform the way you use a keyboard on your rig. The unique, exclusive structure design of each socket with the plate-mounted PCB makes key mounting easier and less wobbly. The keyboard is compatible with almost all switch types in the market, no matter 3-pin or 5-pin. The easy-to-mod/update keys are basic tactile mechanical switches offering clear tactile feedback with an audible clicky that makes using it relaxing and fun.

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